Photo: Toni Wilkinson.

Iwona’s Sobotka debut at the Perth Festival in Barie Kosky’s aclaimed production of The Magic Flute has been praised widely in the media.

“The woman Tamino falls desperately in love with is Pamina, sung beautifully by Soprano Iwona Sobotka on opening night. She played the heroine-in-need-of-rescue to perfection, but despite the sexism spouted by some characters, Pamina showed courage, determination and integrity. That said, she does fall into despair when she believes she is no longer loved by Tamino, and Sobotka sings Pamina’s aria with great feeling as she contemplates suicide.”

Vivienne Glance, The Converstion

“Though the visuals dominate, the singers more than hold their own. […] There is also impressive singing from Iwona Sobotka as Pamina. […]”

– Jo Litson, Limelight magazine 

“Opening night leads Aaron Blake and Iwona Sobotka, as the young lovers Tamino and Pamina, are accomplished and often thrilling in their vocal agility, not the least for having the courage to sing on a ledge high above the stage. ”


“Of the players, we were impressed with ‘Mum and Daughter,’ (Christina Poulitsi as the Shelob-like Queen and Iwona Sobotka as Pamina),

– Peter Jakobsen, The Varnished Culture



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