Iwona Sobotka has received critical acclaim for her debut at the Teatro Real in Madrid in Shostakovich’s “The Nose.” Please read the reviews below:

“Of the chaos, the remarkable performance of Iwona Sobotka in her quadruple role, stands out, particularly the marriageable daughter, played with delicacy and rigor, compatible with the comedic vision of the character.” – Bachtrack

“Ms. Sobotka and Ms. Nekrasova, with their brilliant, polished, and rich voices, particularly shone in their slightly chaikovskiana scene of the letters.” – Opera Actual.

“Ms. Sobotka sang the few moments of melodic expansion in ‘The Nose’ beautifully, especially in her melismatic role of the voice that sounds in the cathedral.” – El Español

“The numerous cast works like a perfect theatrical machine, […] among the female voices, the iconic Margarita Nekrasova and Iwona Sobotka stand out, respectively, as Mrs. Podtóchina and the daughter.” – Giornale della Musica

“The voices of soprano Iwona Sobotka and mezzo-soprano Margarita Nekrasova seduce the audience.” – Ilia Galán – Diario de Ávila

“Among the excellent characterizations, we must mention the soprano Iwona Sobotka and the mezzo-soprano Margarita Nekrasova as mother and daughter Protóchna, respectively.” – Periodista Digital

“It’s worth noting the excellent interventions of Iwona Sobotka in several roles.” – Platea Magazine

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